Activities in the Golden Circle Iceland

The Golden Circle is a well known tourist route of Iceland. It consists of three leading attractions, namely Þingvellir National Park, Haukadalur geothermal valley, and the plunging waterfall, Gullfoss. The tourist path covers a distance of 300 kilometers that can be completed in six hours, leaving an individual with enough time to take pleasure in various other places of interest. The Golden Circle is available in both summer as well as winter season. There are several activities in the Golden Circle Iceland to take pleasure in.

Activities in the Golden Circle Iceland

Snorkeling in Silfra

This place provides you with one of the fascinating experiences just as you go through the blue waters of Silfra Fissure. The water is splendidly clear as it happens to be the glacial water originating from the Langjökull Glacier. The temperature of the water is around 4 degrees. This is the main reason they offer insulated dry-suits and a certified expert to keep you safe and sound. The water in Silfra Fissure is pure, which means that you are free to drink it any time as you dive. Silfra happens to be the only place in the world where one can swim in between the two continents of the world, i.e., North America and Europe. It is offers one of the best activities in the Golden Circle Iceland.

Jet Boat in Hvita

The jet boat tour starts right after you meet with the Drumbó River Base guide, wherein you are given the necessary gear along with safety instructions. Once you are done with these formalities, you are ready to start your adventure to the glacial Hvítá River. This is the time where you go through the magnificent Gullfoss Canyon, the place where all your senses come to life, and you will be filled with excitement before you know it. There are many bird habitats around the river, and you may also notice certain attractive rock formations in the canyon cliffs. These amazing rock formations are because of the furious flow of the river.

Rafting in Hvita

Rafting can be done at nearby Hvita’s source at the foot of the Langjökull, Iceland’s second-largest glacier. After the friendly river guides have given you the equipment and brief safety instructions, you are ready to glide along the clear waters. It is also one of the places where you get to enjoy the incredible rock formations.

Brúarhlöð Canyon

One of the special places of interest is none other than the wonderful Brúarhlöð Canyon. The white river canyon is one of the creations of the Hvita River, including its outstanding rock formations and the potholes present among breccia walls. Do check out and take a look at the two incredible rock pillars, referred to as Karl and Kerling (Men and Women).

Visit Gullfoss falls

As you progress further down the river, you get the opportunity to notice the golden falls known as Gullfoss falls. This is very well known amongst the tourist attractions in Iceland. Gulfoss falls is definitely an attraction that you don’t want to miss as a visitor. However, once you have taken pleasure in these river sights, you are taken to a sauna at Drumbó.

Glacier snowmobiling from Gullfoss Cafe

The journey starts at the meeting point at Gullfoss café, which is located right next to Gulfoss Waterfall. From that point, you will be taking a breathtaking trip to Langjökull glacier, the place where one can observe the wild and undisturbed portion of Iceland. Just as you arrive at the glacier base, you are given all the necessary equipment and training required to begin snowmobiling.

Langjökull will take your breath away as it is gigantic, and at the same time, is totally devoid of human life. Langjökull is the long glacier wrapped in a blanket of white snow, and the panoramic views from the edges are definitely ones that you don’t want to miss. You also get to observe the Hofsjökull glacier and the Kerlingarfjöll Mountains.


Activities in the Golden Circle Iceland include snowmobiling, rafting, boating, and jet boating. Go around the area and taste the local food while enjoying the surrounding area.

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