Geothermal Bathing – Hot Springs in Iceland

Iceland is very popular for its Geothermal hot springs. They are natural hot springs that are known to have a healing nature. Geothermal bathing is popular among visitors of Iceland as it relaxes, rejuvenates, and heals you. Hot springs and geothermal bathing has been part of their culture from the settlement era.

What is Geothermal bathing?

Geothermal energy is a power source from the earth’s core, which is important for Icelanders. The rainwater that seeps into the ground is heated in the earth’s core. Some of this hot water reveals to the earth’s surface as hot springs. The other portion is within geothermal reservoirs. Icelanders use this geothermal water for bathing, baking, cooking, and laundry. Initially, it was pumped off the ground. Now there are geothermal plants like one in Reykjavik.

This geothermal water has health benefits as it is natural and is warm in nature. It is mineral water that can relax and destress your muscles and bones. It is said that almost all the swimming pools in Iceland are heated geothermally. Visitors and locals, therefore, have warm water all year around. Geothermal bathing in Iceland is not just taking a bath but relaxing in hot water, enjoying the sea views, gazing at stars and northern lights while having a drink.

Some of the best Geothermal bathing spots in Iceland

Blue Lagoon-This is very popular in Iceland as it is amongst the 25 wonders on the globe. It has white silica mud with milky blue waters.

The Secret Lagoon- This is the oldest lagoon and swimming pool in Iceland. It opened in the year 1891 till 1937. It is renovated now and is very popular in Iceland.

Laugarvatn Fontana- This is a spa on the lakefront. It has three hot tubs and steam rooms. It has a sauna too. You can watch the northern lights or relax in the hot tub gazing at the lakefront view. The spa is on the route to Gulfoss waterfall.

Myvatn nature baths- These nature baths are also referred to as the blue lagoon of Northern Iceland. The nature baths have milky blue soothing mineral water. The water has natural steam which relaxes your body. It makes a perfect geothermal bathing spot. The area surrounding these baths are wonderful.

Reykjadalur geothermal river-Reykjadalur is situated close to Hveragerai town. It takes about 40 minutes from Reykjavik by drive. A small hike of 3kms will bring you to this smoky valley where the geothermal river is seen. This is an open spot with no changing facilities. Prior preparation is required.

Landmannaluagar hot pot- It means people’s pool. It is a very scenic geothermal bathing spot of hot springs in Iceland. This will give you a view of rhyolite mountains that are very colorful while enjoying your bathing in a geothermal pool.

Strútslauggeothermal river- This natural geothermal hot spring is created by the convergence of a glacial river and a geothermal river that comes from the Mýrdalsjökull and Torfajökul glaciers. It is situated in the Highlands. It is about one hour stroll off the road. There are no changing rooms here.

Nauthólsvíkgeothermal beach- This is a man-made beach with a geothermal ocean with hot tubs. You have grilling and outdoor shower facilities.

Vítigeothermal lake-It is an exciting natural wonder of Iceland. It is a crater that has a geothermal opaque blue lake rich in warm mineral water.

Grjótagjá geothermal spring- This geothermal bathing location dates back to the 18th century. It is located in the Lake Myvatn region.

Some others

  • Heydalurhot geothermal pot
  • Landbrotalaug hot pot
  • Grettislaug
  • Jarlslaug
  • Vök Baths


Geothermal bathing is a popular destination among tourists all over the world. These hot springs are known for their relaxing and healing properties. They come from natural sources and are rich in minerals. Iceland has several natural and man-made hot pools, which are famous amongst its visitors.

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