Geysir area – The Amazing Hot Spring

Geysir or ‘hot spring bread’ offers an amazing experience in which visitors help the chef boil the given eggs in a hot spring. Also, visitors get to dig up to obtain rye bread that was kept underground for baking. However, this is not the only geyser present in the Geysir area hot spring. The other active geyser that is situated in the same area is referred to as Strokkur.

About Geysir

The geothermal field is estimated to have a surface area of 3 km². The majority of the springs are situated along a 100m strip of land running towards the same direction as the region’s tectonic lines. The strip happens to be 500m long and ends near the lords of Haukadalur.

This region is said to be active from over 1000 years ago and consists of over a dozen hot water blowholes. Even though the geyser is said to be relatively less active nowadays, it provided its name to almost all the hot springs around the world. It is also known to be the very first geyser that was stated in a printed source.

In 1294, earthquakes in the southern part of Iceland triggered variations in the geothermal area, thereby creating a lot of hot springs. Based on the research conducted in the 19th century, the geyser has the ability to reach a height of about 170 meters. Nowadays, Geysir is relatively inactive, even when other hot springs situated in the Geysir area are active.

Protected Geysir hot spring

As per the news, the Geysir hot spring area of South Iceland was declared protected on Iceland’s National Day, June 17. This declaration was signed by the Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources.

The objective of the declaration is to enhance the protection of exclusive geological structures, microorganisms, hot springs as well as unique vegetation in the region. This active hot spring area is popular for vast regions of geyserite. However, Strokkur had to erupt many times during the ceremony.

The phenomenon of Geyser eruption

The geysers in Haukadalur are located in an active geothermal region. Because of the underground plumbing system, groundwater flows into the hot bedrock, thereby heating up and building pressure. Once the water reaches the peak temperature and pressure, it sprouts out from the geyser, usually up to 30m into the air. Maintain your distance for your own safety as the water is very hot.

The price to visit the Geysir area

Visitors can visit this area without paying any entry fee while visiting the Haukadalur geothermal region. Visitors are recommended to stay in the marked areas and keep away whenever the geyser erupts because the water is very hot.

How to reach Geysir?

The hot spring Geysir area is around 100kms from Reykjavik, route 35, or perhaps route 37 from Reykjavik via Thingvellir. One can opt for any of the Golden Circle tours. On these tours, you get to visit Gullfoss waterfall and Thingvellir National Park as well.

Best time to visit

A small geyser known as Strokkur erupts every few minutes, spouting hot water up to 10 meters. However, if you want to keep away from the crowd, we suggest that you arrive in the morning, before 10 o’clock or perhaps after 4 pm. Nevertheless, during the high season, there will be lots of tourists here at all times.

The Golden Circle

Geysir is definitely a part of the popular Golden Circle along with Thingvellir National Park and Gullfoss Waterfall. A lot of tourists who go to Iceland visit these three amazing landmarks in South Iceland. Black sand beach and Seljalandsfoss waterfall are other places to visit.


Geyser hot spring area is indeed the most popular stop among the visitors due to its exploding geysers and boiling mud pits. The dynamic Strokkur is also a must-visit for those who wish to observe the water spout about 100 feet into the air. Geysir area is regarded as the most admired tourist stop in Iceland.

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