Historical sites in Golden Circle

Golden Circle is one of Iceland’s famous tourist routes in which an individual can explore the landscapes of the country. These landscapes are filled with history and folklore. There are a lot of amazing spots in between these attractions where you can stop and enjoy. They include Icelandic horse farms, Lutheran churches, and Icelandic cuisines as well.

Some of the Historical sites in Golden Circle

Þingvellir National Park

This park has a fascinating history which always attracts the interest of the visitors. This place is not only popular as a snorkeling and diving spot, but also for its history.

During the 800s, the first permanent settlers arrived in Iceland, and they comprised of individuals who were against bending a knee to the High King of Norway. In 930 AD, they decided that a form of collective government had a chance to settle disputes on the island. Therefore, each group of thirty members or so sent for someone to represent them.

They had named their meeting place ‘Þingvellir,’ which translates to ‘the fields of parliament.’This first parliament was very successful that the tradition had continued for centuries. The institution continued even after Norway took control of the Icelandic Commonwealth in 1262, and also after it got shifted into the Danish crown’s clutches in the year 1380. However, its function remained the same even after it got transferred to Reykjavik.

This is the most ancient and ongoing Icelandic parliament in the entire world. Later, Iceland had declared Þingvellir a National Park in 1930. In 2004, UNESCO had declared it a World Heritage Site. Due to its significance in Icelandic history, Þingvellir had seen a lot of variations that the nation went through as it developed. However, it is just one among the three iconic locations on the Golden Circle route.


Laugarvatnshellar has two caves situated on the west side of the Laugarvatnsvellir dry flatlands. This place was used by the people initially for the sheep. They were also the home of individuals during the first decades of the previous century. A young couple resided there in 1910–1911, followed by another couple in 1918–1922. The Cave People refurbished the caves, after which they started welcoming tourists to observe the place and listen to the story of its residents.


Skálholt is one of the historical places in Iceland. It is currently a place of spirituality and culture, along with its church and cultural center. The first settler at Skálholt was said to be TeiturKetilbjarnarson, the grandfather of the first bishop. Skálholt was the seat of bishops from 1056 to 1796. It also functioned as a school followed by the Reformation and intermittently during Catholic times. A lot of historical events are linked with Skálholt. The execution of the final Catholic bishop named JónArason, together with two of his sons, took place here in the year 1550.

Secondary Historical sites in Golden Circle


The ecovillage known as Sólheimar is situated in between Þingvellirand the Geysir Geothermal Area. Traveling to this village helps an individual to know more regarding the community that maximizes the potential of every resident, irrespective of their disability or age.

Gulfoss Waterfall

Gulfoss Waterfall translates to the ‘Golden Waterfall’, and is one of the best locations in the country that you shouldn’t miss. When you are here, you can also choose to raft the HvitaRiver that provides an opportunity to feel the power of the falls. You can also check out ‘Iceland’s first environmentalist, ‘Sigridur Tómasdóttir. She is a native woman who campaigned against property development around the falls. This ultimately resulted in the falls to be protected forever as a national conservation region.

Secret Lagoon

The Secret Lagoon is located at Hverahólmi, the geothermal area close by Flúðir. It was created in 1891 and happened to be the most ancient swimming pool in Iceland. In 1909, the first swimming lessons were carried out in the pool. This tradition endured until 1947 when the new pool in Flúðir was opened to the public.


Historical sites in Golden Circle are popular in the place as they depict their Icelandic history. Visiting these locations will give an in-depth knowledge of their history, and the adjoining scenic beauty is breathtaking.

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