Historical Sites in Iceland

Iceland is not only an ideal location for nature enthusiasts, but also for those who are fascinated with history. Numerous historical sites in Iceland that are famous and formed centuries ago along with several places that are popular for its history are awaiting for their visitors to explore.

Historical sites in Iceland

Þingvellir national park among the top Historical sites in Iceland

Þingvellir had been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Ever since 930 AD, Icelanders were using this place as a part of their meetings for an Icelandic Parliament. From then, Icelanders celebrated their national holidays in Þingvellir due to its significance in Iceland’s history. This place had also been a symbolic location for native poets. The parliament happened in the eye-catching rift valley, which is believed to be formed around 10,000 years ago.

Godafoss waterfall

This wonderful waterfall is situated in Northern Iceland. It is popular for its breathtaking views as it happens to be a wide river waterfall. When Iceland recognized Christianity, Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoð threw statues of Norse gods into Godafoss waterfall. It has an interesting history, that appeals and interests the visitors from all over the globe.

Gasir- one of the medieval times in Historical sites in Iceland

During medieval times, this place used to be a popular trade market which is situated around 11 km from Akureyri. The perfect time to check this place out is in the month of July, as this is the period when native craftsmen rebuild the medieval market. After the reconstruction, they begin selling handmade items just like how it was done during medieval times. Archeologists claim that the place was a lively trading point till the 16th century.


Örlygsstaðir is recognized as a tragic place due to the battle that took place here in between the major clans of Iceland in the 12th century. This battle was also part of the civil war that was happening in the country. The location is found several times in the Icelandic literature and is situated in West Iceland.


Stykkishólmur is another location that is recognized for its trading. It was lively there approximately 400 years ago. Besides that, Stykkishólmur is popular for its ancient meteorological station in the country and also perhaps the world. The station began operating in the year 1845, and currently, it can be found in the native folk museum in the building. Several old houses in the region make this place very comfortable and unique.


This place is one of the most ancient fishing locations in Scandinavia. This place was deserted in 1948, but there are some trails and ruins that can be found even now. Likewise, there are remains referred to as “the Irish camps,” which date back to 9-10 centuries.


Hallgrimskirkja is a church with a special appearance as the idea of its design originates from the form made when lava transforms into basalt rock. Gudjon Samuel designed this particular church in the year 1937. Its construction was carried out between 1945 and 1986. The tower dominates Reykjavik’s skyline, which measures 239.5 ft (73 m). One can view the entire city along with the landscapes and the sea next to the capital from the top of the church.

Reykjavik Open Air Museum, Reykjavik

You will get a clear understanding of the folklore in the capital city by visiting Reykjavik Open Air Museum. The Reykjavik Society was formed while individuals were worried about the regional history of Reykjavik. Therefore, this museum was created to get rid of these problems and explore methods to re-establish the town’s past. This likewise included the restoration of farm buildings, which is the reason why the museum is open-air. One can look at the professor’s house, an exhibit having old trains, a typical stable, a blacksmith’s house, and an old slaughterhouse. You can likewise explore the archaeological findings in one of the museum’s latest exhibits.


Historical sites in Iceland are very welcoming and pleasing to visitors who are planning a trip to Iceland. For historical lovers, Iceland has its own pleasant treat of historical spots and stories.

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