Icelandic horse in the Golden Circle

Iceland has so much to see, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on a quick trip and need to pack a lot. You can book a horse riding tour and merge two must-do Icelandic activities with loads of tour companies offering half-day excursions. These companies make it an action-packed day for you with a morning of Icelandic horse riding, followed by the famous Golden Circle tour.

Icelandic horses have some interesting sketches for an engaged equestrian and look stunning against the epic Icelandic scenery. Horses in Iceland have five gaits that are distinct from the four of a typical horse, which, as it turns out, makes the whole horse riding task very different. Usually, these tours depart from Reykjavik early in the morning. They also offer a hotel pickup. When you arrive at Laxnes Horse Farm, which is situated in the middle of Thingvellir National Park, you will see that the Icelandic horses are tiny or small.

Icelandic Horse in the Golden Circle

The Icelandic horse is a horse breed that has been developed in Iceland. Although the horses are small, often pony-sized, most Icelandic registries refer to them as horses. Icelandic horses are hardy and long-lived. They have few diseases; Icelandic law forbids horses from being introduced into the country, and exported animals are not permitted to return. The Icelandic horses show two gaits along with standard walk, canter/gallop and trot. The latter are typically exhibited by other breeds. They are also common internationally as the only breed of horse in Iceland, and there are significant populations in North America and Europe. The breed remains to be used for traditional sheepherding work and recreation, showing, and racing.

The breed is written on the literary documents and historical records in Icelandic history, and the first reference to a named horse is in the 12th century, established by Norse settlers in Iceland in the 9th and 10th century. In Norse’s mythology, horses were venerated, which the earliest settlers carried back to Iceland. The breeding has grown into its present form selectively over the years. Natural selection has played a part as the harsh Icelandic climate has eliminated many horses by cold and hunger. Most of the Icelandic horses were killed during a volcanic eruption in Laki in the 1780s. In 1904, the societies were established in Iceland, the first horse society in 19 countries united under the Parent Association, the International Federation of the Icelandic Horse Associations. Organizations from 19 different nations represent the group.

Icelandic Horse in the Golden Circle is Tiny

It was really different from what you are used to when horse riding in Iceland, but you will really like it. The panorama is spectacular and you will be able to walk down, and up the local volcanic landscape, even across a river or two. Horse riding and horse racing in Iceland has to be in your checklist.

You can take up a coach tour and ride an Icelandic horse in Golden Circle after having lunch at the horse farms. Coach still tours are visitors’ favorite way of transportation, but that seems to be the only way you can get there without a vehicle or hiking. The excursions usually involve a traditional big coach tour bus with stereotypical commentary by the tour guide.


Despite growing mechanization and road improvements, Icelandic horses still play an important role in Icelandic life. In 1874, the first Icelandic official horse course took place in Akureyri, and from April to June, many Icelandic horses still take place in the entire region. The Icelandic horse competitions are conducted; both galloping and speed and performances illustrate the Icelandic horses’ uniqueness. Winter competitions, including Icelandic horses on water bodies, are often held. The first shows concentrating on animal quality as breeding stocks were in 1906. The National Association of Riding Clubs and the Agricultural Society of Iceland organizes daily competitions in various groups. This year’s event resulted from horses and riders falling into the river and needed to be rescued.


Icelandic horse in the Golden Circle combines Icelandic Horse Riding and The Golden Circle of Iceland. You can visit the trio- Thingvillir national park, Geysir hot springs and Gulfoss waterfall along with Icelandic horse riding.

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