Restaurants in the Golden Circle

The Golden Circle provides ample opportunities to explore food festivals and local food in different Restaurants in the Golden Circle. You will find a variety of food items to relish on; from local to global food.

The Golden Circle goes through Geysir, Thingvellir, and Gulfoss, along with other locations. The entire route is 147 miles long. Do not miss the amazing food and scenic landscape of this route.

Restaurants in the Golden Circle

Local food can be enjoyed at the major Restaurants in the Golden Circle. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Heradsskolinn Restaurant and Bistro

Heraosskolinn is a boutique hotel. However, if you are looking for quality food, then its restaurant is the best place to taste it. It is situated in Laugarvatn, which falls between the Geysir and Thingvellir National Park. This restaurant is well known for its menu selection, from reindeer to trout. With so many specialties, you are sure to land what you like. The white walls and green roof make this restaurant easy to be spotted from the drive.


This restaurant is located in Laugarvatn. It is around 100kms off Reykjavik. It is a cozy restaurant that makes you feel homely as you get in. The delicious menu is filled with local delicacies and is very famous amongst the locals and visitors equally. It is available from 12.00 to 10 pm.


The name means soup, and this restaurant is well known for its delicious soups. It is health-conscious dining with various choices of soups. There are vegetarian and vegan soups that are served with homemade butter and bread. It is affordably priced and served in a perfect setting.

Efstidalur farm and shop

Efstidalur farm hotel serves its visitors with ice creams made from local ingredients and has an outstanding restaurant. It is a perfect setting to taste delicacies and ice cream. Your children are sure to enjoy a close-up view of farm animals while enjoying the flavorful food or icecream.

Fridheimar tomato farm

This is a tomato farm but with a restaurant that serves the farm’s tomato induced menu. You have so many to select from here; tomato ice cream to tomato soup. The menu is delicious. You will find a glimpse of Icelandic horse and their tricks. Their jams are all the more tempting and not to be missed.

Farm to Fork at restaurant Grund

Restaurant Grund is located in Fludir in a small guesthouse. It is a well-known restaurant which serves you their menu delicacies made only from items produced on their farm. It is a hearty bite to relish at this restaurant.


KaffiKrús is situated in Selfoss. It is popular for its delicious food. It serves pasta, burgers, cakes and pizzas to satisfy your hunger. The portions are served big and are exceptionally delicious.

Restaurant Þrastarlundur

Restaurant Þrastarlundur is located by the Sogriver. It is around 5 minutes from Kerio. It is a very popular restaurant in this region. Your brunch is perfect for taking pleasure in or enjoying a late-night pizza for your dinner. Their menu is wide and extensive to suit your food likings.


ViðFjöruborðið is located in Stokkseyri. It is the best restaurant serving seafood. It serves the langoustine soup, which is very popular with visitors. It is made of tomatoes, cream, and passion. If you are a seafood lover, this restaurant will not be missed for its wide range of seafood delicacies. Also, try their classic homemade cakes as dessert. Book or reserve ahead.


Also called Red House, it is located in Eyarbakki. This is a southern Icelandic coastal town which is charming and small. It is a top Icelandic restaurant which has tasty seafood. Lobster tails made from lobsters caught locally is famous with visitors. Lobster soup is mouth-watering and delicious. Many other seafood favorites of locals and visitors can be savored here.


You will find several Restaurants in the Golden Circle where you can savor the local delicacies, farm-fresh food, and seafood. Do not miss the local tastes and their best serves.

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