Selfoss Accommodation

Selfoss is a south Iceland town which is located on the Olfusa river banks. It is situated about 31 miles from the capital city, Reykjavik. It is the Arborg municipality seat. This town is a commerce center and has few industries. It is the South Icelandic largest residential region.

Selfoss is located in Iceland. Iceland has active volcanoes, mountains, landscape and wide range of land with contrast. It is most developed and richest in the world.

The present Iceland population, based on UN latest data, is 340,372.Iceland’s economy is small. With the boom in tourism, there has been around a 10 percent rise in GDP by 2017. Iceland has high government intervention and free trade levels. This is why it has a mixed economy. The leading source of electrical supply to industries and domestic needs is Hydropower.

Selfoss Accommodation

This town has outdoor hot tubs and a sauna with swimming pools. There is a recreational forest in the northern area of Selfoss. This northern Hellisskogur forest has interesting footpaths all along the Olfusariver. There is also a golf course to enjoy playing golf.

Selfoss is a southwest cultural hub. Here are held Sumar a Selfossi festival each year. There is an evening bonfire with musical performers and a fete.

Sports are enjoyable and popular ones here are basketball, handball, and football. Here you can also visit the Bobby Fischer Centre, a museum about the life of a champion in chess.

You will find Selfoss accommodation at various online sites and offline touring companies.Suitable accommodation here can be a guesthouse, a hotel, or a cottage. These make a great stay option when planning an Iceland tour to the southern region. When you plan to visit the Golden Circle and Selfoss to take a look at the natural wonders such as Geysir, Strokkur, Seljalandsfoss, Gulfoss waterfall, and Thingvellir national park, you may want a break.

You can put in the dates with location and type of Selfoss accommodation you are looking for in the search box if you are looking on a website online or make a phone call to an touring company when searching offline.

When you are planning a tour or a trip or a vacation to Selfoss, Iceland, and other places of Iceland, you will need the right Selfoss accommodation to continue your trip in and around Selfoss. Selfoss has several farms, guesthouses, lodges, apartments, and hotels around the area with 2, 3, 4 bedroom spaces. You will get a variety and large variations in their space, facilities, and features. Finding Selfoss accommodation is no trouble as there is accommodation from cheapest to mid-priced to high-end hotels. There are budget hotels too that can be picked according to one choice and distance of travel. You have countryside hotels and cottage inns too.

Selfoss accommodation generally features a decent bedroom space, private bathrooms, hot tubs, good food, private lounges, a cafeteria, free Wi-Fi, and so on.

Some of the popular choices of hotels for Selfoss accommodation are:

Hotels by neighborhood

  • Votmúlavegur Hotels
  • Countryside Hotels

4-star Hotels

  • 360 Hotel with Thermal Baths
  • Hotel South Coast
  • Hotel Selfoss with spa

3-star Hotels-Arctic Nature Hotel

Selfoss cheap hotels

  • Arbakki farmhouse lodge
  • GesthusSelfoss


  • Bella apartments and rooms
  • Elding apartments

Cabins and cottages

  • No hot-tub-Blue View Cabin 7B
  • Eyvindartunga farm cottage
  • GreenKeybrun cottage
  • Icelandic cottages


  • Annalyn guesthouse

Bbitra B&Bguesthouse

  • Garunskolavellirguesthouse
  • Nordheimarguesthouse
  • Julia’s B&B guesthouse


  • Selfoss Hostel


Choose the best and suitable accommodation that covers the area you are visiting in and around Selfoss. South Iceland has several appealing attractions for its visitors that should not be missed when visiting Iceland. To make your visit comfortable and relaxing, Selfoss accommodation will give you a much-needed break to visit in and around Selfoss.

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