Swimming Pools in the Golden Circle

Natural geothermal hot springs and hot tubs are a section of Iceland’s culture. Geothermal bathing and swimming are an attraction to locals and visitors. Swimming in these geothermal springs is healing and relaxing. The water from hot springs is warm, de-stressing, and mineral water. It relaxes each muscle of the body. The majority of the Swimming pools in the Golden Circle, Iceland are geothermally heated. They are cozy and warm all through the year.

Swimming pools in the Golden circle are not just a summer activity in Iceland but an important spot to unwind, socialize and work out.The majority of hotels and facilities have a hot tub. A hot tub soaks with stargazing, and northern lights are splendid here. When on an Iceland touring, pool-hopping is a must to enjoy the geothermally heated water.

Some of the Swimming pools in the Golden Circle

The Blue Lagoon-The most popular Icelandic pool of the Golden Circle is the Blue Lagoon. It is amongst the 25 wonders on the globe and a must-see on your trip. It has white silica mud and milky blue waters making it very unique. Swimming in this lagoon is a unique experience.

The Secret Lagoon- This is the oldestswimming pool in the Golden circle,and till 1937 it was abandoned. It is a rustic pool founded in 1891. It is available currently and is very famous with a brief detour on the Golden Circle. It is a big hot spring pool.

Laugarvatn Fontana-This is a sauna and has 3 hot tubs with a lake-front. It is worth a pool visit to enjoy geothermal bathing.

Geysir Hot spring- This is a natural hot spring where you can take a plunge. These natural hot springs are very healing, rejuvenating, and relaxing.

Mountain Pool-It is located in the midst of the Golden Circle. It is a swimming pool with geothermal water and hot tubs. The pool patio is best for sunbathing.

Reykjavik swimming pool-Sundhollin swimming pool is located in downtown Reykjavik. It is an old-school pool with an interesting atmosphere. You can enjoy diving boards, steam baths, and hot tubs here.

Reykholt, Fludir- This is a natural swimming pool hot spring in Fludir. Fludir is a small village where you have a secret lagoon.

Kualaug- These are two natural but small pool. The natural water is about 104 deg F. It is located in the Blaskogabyggo region. It can accommodate 4-6 people to enjoy and bask in. This area is very sensitive, and the flora on the ground should be taken care of.

Hrunalaug Hot spring- This is a natural hot spring with clean and warm water. It is convenient to have warm water.

Nautholsvik beach-A small white is a beach with geothermal water with a temperature above 15 deg C. It steams off at 38 deg C. A shallow pool with geothermally heated seawater.

Landmannalaugar- It is also called the “Farmer’s hot bathing pool”. You can visit this place from Reykjavik.

Laugardalslaug-Icelandic pools is the largest city pool situated in Laugardalur Valley. It has a 50m external pool. It has a paddling pool, many hot tubs, and steam baths. You can visit this pool from Reykjavik.


Swimming pools in the Golden Circle are very appealing and healing. They are loaded with geothermal hot spring water. The water is healing and relaxing. There are plenty of swimming spots to go pool hopping. Along with these swimming spots, the hotels also have a good number of swimming pools to enjoy a plunge. Hot tubs and steam rooms also accompany swimming pools to relax and enjoy stargazing or spotting northern lights. Do not miss on geothermal bathing and pool hopping when visiting the Golden Circle to enjoy the mineral water warmth and relaxation.

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